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As well as being an author, Kathleen is a freelance journalist. She writes a monthly column for Writers’ Forum and contributes to the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s magazine Romance Matters and several lifestyle publications. Here are a selection of the features she's written.

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The publishers predict what we'll be reading in 2021

April 20 column.jpg

How can authors increase diversity and representation in their novels? (Part 1)

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What inspires bestselling author Dorothy Koomson?

Nov 20 column.jpg

Should authors include

Covid-19 in fiction novels?

May 20 column.jpg

How can authors increase diversity and representation in their novels? (Part 2)

Mar 20 column.jpg

What makes a novel a successful audiobook?

Sept 20 column.jpg

How can authors promote their books virtually?

Feb 20 column.jpg

The publishers give an insight into which genres will be 2020's bestsellers


Is a festive book just for Christmas?


What is equine therapy and how can it help you improve your wellbeing and life?


Should authors tailor their writing to fit the latest trend or stick to their genre?

SJV interview.jpg

Simon & Schuster's Sara-Jade Virtue explains the process from acquisition to publication


What creates trends and how can authors incorporate them into their novels?

Heidi Swain DEc 19.jpg

Sunday Times bestseller Heidi Swain reveals the secrets behind writing a Christmas hit


Exhibitions profiling fashion designers are en vogue


Interview with Nick Varney, CEO of Merlin Entertainments, Disney's biggest rival


The publishers explain why  ebooks are so popular


How Henry VIII's 500-year-old sunk war ship, Mary Rose, was made into a museum


The genres that are currently topping the charts


Eco sculpter Jason deCaires Taylor details his two ocean floor museums


Sci-fi tv series Doctor Who is brought to life in a dramatic, interactive show

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