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‘Has anyone seen my husband?'

Shortlisted for the Comedy Women in Print prize

Out 17th July 2024

She married him for better or worse. But no one mentioned the ex-wife.

When they met, it didn’t bother Marie that Scott had been married before. But four years later, it’s a different story.


Now Marie feels as though Scott sees more of his first wife and their children than he does of her and their daughter. She longs for them to be a happy, blended family, but how can they be when his ex-wife refuses to let the two families meet?


Marie’s had enough – there’s only so much simmering resentment a 40-year-old can sustain! She sets out to find his ex and prove to her that she’s a decent person who can be trusted with the children.


But there’s a slight catch: Scott’s asked her to let him handle it, so she’ll need to be discreet. Which is difficult when her mum, cousin and aunt decide to get involved and don’t know the meaning of the word.


Marie’s determined to make it work and pull off the impossible, preferably without getting publicly humiliated, arrested or even divorced… 


Has Anyone Seen My Husband?

What are people saying?

'Page-turning and heartwarming, with pitch-perfect bite and wit'

Helen Lederer, comedian and author

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