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You had me at @arrrgggghhhhhh

There's nothing more flattering for an author than being asked to feature on a book bloggers website.

And there's nothing cooler than being asked by someone whose Twitter handle is @arrrgggghhhhhh

So when @arrrgggghhhhhh, aka Victoria Loves Books, asked me if I'd like to answer some questions about Wife Support System, the answer was a deafening: 'YES PLEASE!'

Victoria and I met on the Kirsty Greenwood's Literary Darlings FB group. If you haven't read any Kirsty Greenwood books yet, then please do. She's hilarious and makes me genuinely laugh out loud. (I can't bring myself to use LOL. #old.)

Victoria asked me some fab questions, including how it felt to have my debut novel published (f#@*ing fantastic, that's how), what my favourite scene in the book is (one I hope my nan never reads) and which of the characters is most like me (spoiler alert – she was so boring she had to be scrapped!!). To find out more, please click here

I hope you enjoy reading Victoria's questions as much as I enjoyed answering them. I managed to sneak a Duke of Hastings reference in, so enjoyment is guaranteed.

You're welcome for the 'essential to the blog' photo below. The open shirt is particularly essential.


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