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Ready, steady, procrastinate

My agent (the brilliant Emily Glenister) has approved my plot for book three. (Woohoo / thank f#@k for that.)

I have a deadline of September to get the first third of the book to her.

That's approximately 30,000 words.

So far I've written two.

I have 12 weeks to write the other 29,998 words.

Even though six of those weeks are the school holidays, this is achievable if I stay calm and get on with it.

Th advice I always give new writers is to just write. It doesn't matter what you write, just get some words down. You can edit words – you can't edit a blank screen.

So why am I pissing about on social media, doing laundry that doesn't need doing and stacking my tins of tomatoes in date order? I'm doing the exact opposite of what I advise people to do.

It's because I have THE FEAR!

If I don't write anything, it can't be crap.

But if I don't write anything, my career as an author is over and that will be even more crap.

So, I have to get over this.

Right, here goes.

'Once upon a time...'

To be continued!


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