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Comedy Women in Print prize – longlist!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

My second novel, Second Wife Syndrome, was longlisted in the Comedy Women in Print prize’s Unpublished Comic Novel category!

Comedy Women in Print was launched in 2018 by comedian Helen Lederer to celebrate and support female comedy writers. I couldn’t believe I was being acknowledged as a female comedy writer!

However, there was one small problem that wasn’t funny at all. The completed manuscript had to be submitted within 10 days of receiving the email and I was only two-thirds of the way through writing it.

I basically threw food in my family’s direction three times a day and wrote manically, barely sleeping. This was at the height of lockdown and everyone was posting photos of their Marie Kondo-ed house on social media. I didn’t even have time to vacuum, let alone colour code my airing cupboard.

I typed The End at 4.11am the day it was due in at midday. I do not recommend this as a way of working!


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