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Would You Ask My Husband That_ jacket copy.jpeg

Would You Ask My Husband That?

A hilarious and honest look at juggling family, marriage and careers

When Will unexpectedly loses his job, it makes sense for Sarah to take the promotion she’s offered.

Overnight, Will becomes a stay-at-home dad and Sarah’s the high-flying, breadwinner.  

And they all live happily ever after. As if!

The role-reversal creates guilt, tension, resentment, soul-searching, double standards, more guilt, and a lot of satsumas!


They’re both driven to wondering, what’s worth more – the marriage or the job?

Praise for Would You Ask My Husband That?


Sharp, fast and funny. Brilliantly captures the messy juggling act of work and family, while clinging onto some semblance of a love life!’ – Fiona Gibson


Funny, unpredictable and all-to-relatable take on the struggle for balance in love, work and parenthood.’ – Gillian Harvey

‘Working mums will identify with this fun, light-hearted read.’ – Paige Toon

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